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Progress on Visnupriya Asrama Project

by Jaya Lalita dasi

Posted June 3, 2004

In 1965, Srila Prabhupada left Vrndavan to come to America, where he brought the key and opened the door to Gaudiya Vaisnavism for the entire world.

That door opened by Srila Prabhupada has resulted in so many Gaudiya Vaisnavas who are currently preaching throughout the world and so many new devotees being made. Indeed this is a very wonderful thing. At the same time the following must be considered: So many of the first devotees to come to Krsna consciousness are getting older and due to various circumstances, for many of these older-bodied devotees, especially ladies, there are no Gaudiya Vaisnava ashrams or communities which will accommodate them.

This also applies to other older-bodied devotees who have come to Krsna at a later date. Thus, quite a number of these devotees are being forced to live alone in the non-devotee world, often by themselves (or with non-devotee family members), and with no association of other devotees. This means that they may end up having to spend the rest of their lives living (and even dying) in an environment where there is no devotee association.

The doors to practically all Gaudiya Vaisnava ashrams and communities have been and are still closed to such devotees. Thus, the need has arisen for starting different types of facilities for older-bodied Vaisnavas, especially Vaisnavis, so they can be provided with an environment conducive to their living out the rest of their lives in the association of other devotees where they can peacefully practice Krsna consciousness if this is their desire. With this aim in mind, several devotees have started to correspond with one another to try to see about getting something going in this direction.

We are in the very beginning of this, basically exchanging different ideas, both in what should be arranged for older devotees as well as how we can go about getting it done. If you would like to be part of the input to this very necessary endeavor, please join the VRNDA forum at

If there is some problem in getting admittance to the forum through the above, please contact us at and we will do our best to help you.

So far we are discussing the following:

  1. The establishment of some type of facility(s) for older-bodied devotees as well as hospices, be these a combined facility, separate or both.
  2. The establishment of Vishnupriya ashrams set up either as temple/ashram or a Vishupriya community OR a Vishnupriya ashram set up for women in an already established general devotee community.

So many more ideas can also be given. We plan to develop this project with well-reviewed facility plans and regular accounting reports to donors. We welcome whatever ideas or other contributions you may have to make.