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Let's Join Together

by Pranavallabha dd

Posted July 12, 2008

Recently on various online devotee news sites, some anti-women comments made by a current ISKCON leader (calling women "toilets") have been highlighted. This brings to light the very recent controversy caused by HG Caitanya Prabhu about the anti-women comments he made on his blog. The question I am going to ask is this: How much longer will blatant sexism and anti-womanism be allowed to continue in ISKCON?

I remember seeing a GBC public statement against Caitanya Prabhu's blog, but what did that really accomplish? What if, in 20 years, Caitanya Prabhu pops up as a guru, long after everyone has forgotten this controversy?

The dangers of anti-womanism are very serious. People who have an anti-woman attitude need to be seriously punished by the leaders of ISKCON. The people who make offensive anti-woman comments should be banned from ISKCON, or at the very least, be banned from holding any leadership or management positions in ISKCON (or giving classes in any ISKCON temples).

What will it take for us to start acting against the dangers of anti-womanism? Perhaps if the women who were abused in the past start filing lawsuits against ISKCON for the abuse they have suffered at the hands of various ISKCON leaders and members, the GBC and leaders of ISKCON will begin to listen to us, and start acting to rid ISKCON of anti-womanism once and for all.

I, for one, am not going to simply sit quietly and be an idle-onlooker while this injustice against women continues to go on. I likewise invite my sisters (and brothers) in ISKCON to speak up and protest against this widespread abuse of women before it's too late.

Otherwise, who knows- you might be the next one who gets abused by these anti-womanists, and then it will be too late. Better to act now so that we can protect ourselves from future abuses.

Let's join together and stop these women-haters before it's too late!