Chakra Discussions

True Non-Sexism Underlies Bhakti

by Sankarshan das Adhikari

Posted January 21, 2009

I am very happy to hear that Sylvia and Petter Milleding are practicing Krishna consciousness. This is indeed wonderful news. I am also happy to see that they are approaching the devotees to honestly bring forward their doubts in order to get clarification. It is through the process of inquiring from and serving Guru and Vaisnavas that our understanding of the science of bhakti become crystal clear. Depending on the mercy of Srila Prabhupada and Lord Sri Krishna I shall try my level best to answer to their full satisfaction.

In regards to the important question Sylvia raised ("A Call for Non-Sexist Purports"), kindly try to understand these points. If we assume that the teachings of Krishna consciousness are sexist, i.e. favoring one sex over another, we are making a wrong assumption. Lord Sri Krishna is an equal opportunity employer. Everyone has an equal opportunity to become a pure devotee and go back to home, back to Godhead. Krishna is not obliged to make a show of being a so-called non-sexist by allowing an equal number of men and women to excel spiritually and come back to Godhead. Krishna's true non-sexism is to grant spiritual advancement equally to all, purely on the basis of their degree of surrender. Whether spirit-souls are embodied in a male form or a female form has nothing to do with their spiritual qualifications. Those souls who excel in the practice and preaching of Krishna consciousness have always been recognized throughout history and will always be recognized. No one is being held back by Krishna on the basis of their gender.

I am personally a married man, who has been blessed to be married to a woman who is highly advanced in Krishna consciousness. My disciples not only honor me as their spiritual master, but they also honor my wife as Gurumata. We see in Krishna's pastimes how when He was living in the ashram of His spiritual master, Sandipani Muni, that Krishna subordinated Himself not only to His spiritaul master but also obediently carried out the orders given to Him by His Gurumata, the wife of Sandipani Muni.

In Krishna consciousness we do not discriminate on the basis of the body. Indeed, this principle of non-sexism is the very foundation of our teachings. Whoever becomes ideal in their practice of Krishna consciousness will naturally become recognized as a leader and will by their mere presence on this planet exert an uplifting impact on a global civilization which has drifted so far way from the progressive path of self-realization.