Cows and the milk industry
by Ananta Purusottama das
Posted March 26, 2003

Dear Prabhus.

Having read all articles on the subject, I can see the points are fair in both cases, but the sad reality is we don't just buy milk, most of us go to the big supermarkets, which sell so much meat, you could say we are indirectly supporting the operation of these massive corporations. You could say when we pay for any services, commodity or goods of any sort, the recipient uses that money for sense gratification. I heard a morning walk where Prabhupada said that people who do some service, even though we pay them, make a little advancement as what they have done helps the devotees in their service, so perhaps we can also look at the positive. Ask how many devotees where leather shoes and think nothing of it, (I don't and haven't since I can remember) I am sure there are many small things we can try to improve on. Did all the milk Srila Prabhupada consume come from our own cows, it would be interesting to know.

Let us not forget, Sarva dharman partiyaja, (I know Krsna says this for the fully surrendered souls, so we have to be sure we are fully surrendered), this is not just an excuse, I am sure we all would prefer not to have to take milk in such circumstances, and no doubt we could manage without it, perhaps use soya milk instead. What to do, I guess it is going to have to be an individual choice. In other words we may unknowingly or unwittingly commit some sin, but it is not something we blatantly go out of our way to do.

The sad fact is we are not growing enough of our own food or producing enough milk in ISKCON as a whole, so we do have a long way to go on many fronts.

Your servant

Ananta Purusottama das

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