Women and sannyasa
by Romapada Dasa
Posted January 10, 2003

Note:In response to "Women and Sannyasa"by Swami Tripurari

Sripada Tripurari Maharaja's comments on women being given sannyasa were interesting. His writings have always struck a chord in the heart of many readers. However, I read the following quote from Srila Prabhupada: "A woman is not supposed to take sannyasa. So-called spiritual societies concocted in modern times give sannyasa even to women, although there is no sanction in the Vedic literature for a woman's accepting sannyasa. Otherwise, if it were sanctioned, Kardama Muni could have taken his wife and given her sannyasa." (S-B 3.24.40 Purport)

Perhaps some merciful devotee can throw light on the above quote vis a vis Sripada Tripurari Maharaja's comments. I for one feel a bit confused.