The Saffron-Clad Boy
by Niscala devi dasi
Posted January 7, 2003

Why did he do it?
The saffron clad boy
With his danda, the hope
To get past "Maya's ploy".

I saw "Maya's ploy"
Bowing low at his feet,
With praises like poison,
Paraded so sweet.

Why did he do it?
"For preaching" he says,
But does he know all
Of the ways, Maya plays?

Well-meaning ladies,
So often the cause;
Will his danda protect him
From frail human flaws?

"For preaching" he hopes
Is the cause of his plight,
But preaching can be
With a lady, alright.

It isn't as easy,
It can be a burden,
But honest, it is,
And must be, for certain.

For Krishna is pleased
By "honest service" only,
So preachers, please take
A wife, if you're lonely.

Do not seek saffron
For the perks or the praise;
Just stay where you are,
But your consciousness, raise.

For many have fallen
Right under their dandas;
That we still haven't learnt
Is the "wonder of wonders".