Chakra Discussions

Juicy Discussions On Day Ten

by Niscala Dasi

Posted February 27, 2007

Hare Krsna Dasi's article "The Dhanurdhara Scandal- What Decisive Actions were Taken?" reflects the frustration of us all with the lack of communications from the GBC on topics that are vitally important, in this case how we deal with perpetrators of child abuse. Our movement will never have the integrity it needs to have and to hold on to people with higher virtues, when truth, transparency, human decency and compassion are constantly compromised within the leadership.

That is why the question raised on Day 9 of the meetings is so imperative- whether the GBC authority is spiritual or managerial? This essential question of whether the GBC is following Srila Prabhupada's direction to introduce varnasrama, thus separating the managerial from the spiritual authority, is the pivot on whether other issues will *ever* be taken seriously. People of ambition get lazy when they reach their comfortable situation, in this case world travel, the best accomodation, and reverent submission from the masses. Whether essential topics get discussed at all, or sufficently, or with honesty, is of little concern to them. Certainly from the reports, it was not as important as what happened when the gurukulis visited and what they refreshed themselves with on day 10.

In contrast, a varnasrama meeting would be subject to a person or group who has nothing to gain or lose in this heirarchy but whose sole interest is transparency and integrity to the philosophy, the directions of guru and sastra and the qualities our society espouses. That is the brahmana and since he is a teacher to all, not just the ksatriya, he would never keep essential details of a meeting a closed secret to the society. A brahmana is always keen to inform and enlighten everyone- what to speak of those with spiritual concerns, he would take them most seriously.

So long as men of ambition determine the direction of meetings and their reporting back to the society, the essential will never be separated from the trivial, and if essential topics be discussed at all, will not be with from the standpoint of integrity, but rather to appear as though they are doing something, just by raising the topic. Thus, people with essential concerns such as Hare Krsna Dasi will continue to be ignored and kept in the dark or fed such patronizing insults as "we dealt with it decisively!" This lack of information even on topics of our most heartfelt concern, smacks of impersonalism and hard-heartedness.

It also sends an unambiguous message that what they want from us is *blind* submission, a perfect situation from a managerial point of view, but absolutely disastrous from the brahmana's standpoint. The former wants to avoid problems and have things running smoothly, even if principles are compromised, and the latter wants principles uncompromised, even if it causes all manner of problems and headaches. Thus brahmana and the ksatriya class can never merge, as they have opposing paradigms and qualifications by definition in the gita. They are however both essential, as are the head and the arms of the body, but when all the brain you have is in your arms, you in pretty bad shape. Even with the best juice bar outside your meeting room. Even mango.