Chakra Discussions

How To Do It All

by Anuttama das (ACBSP 1972, not on the GBC)

Posted August 5, 2006

I joined the Krsna Consciousness movement in 1971 and I was married in 1980. I have been living outside of a Temple since 1985. For the last 21 years I have been doing business and taking care of my family along with my Krsna Consciousness. Back in those days moving out of the Temple to live an independent family life was not encouraged, it was even concedered Maya. I have always maintained my vows to my Guru, Srila Prabhupada but some times there were adjustments. So for all of you who face the challenges of living in the world and still wanting to maintain your Transendance Srila Prabhupada gives some good advice.

"Regarding your business and spiritual practices, I give you special permission as follows: You find out of 24 hours at least one hour conveniently for chanting Hare Krishna with great attention, either by the deities or any place, without being disturbed by anyone else. Now the other 23 hours what ever you do always try to think of Krishna. That will keep you intact with Krishna.

When you do business you should do it business like, but at the same time think of Krishna, seeking His protection. The living example is the gopis. They were householder wives with children and many family duties. Still they practiced Krsna Consciousness in such a way that they did not forget Krishna even for a second. While moping the floor, feeding the baby, cooking, milking the cow, talking with friends they were always thinking of Krishna. So this is the highest ideal of KC, and we should try to follow in their foot steps.

Everyone has to adjust things in his particular way, but I again repeat that at least one hour should be spent on chanting on the beads." letter to Gargamuni Oct '69

Srila Prabhupada askes all of his initiated disciples to chant 16 rounds and follow the four regulated principles but we can see from this special instruction to Gargamuni that we should try our best. I know many disciples who have slacked off because they feel they don't have the time to chant 16 rounds. So better then stopping, do the best you can and sooner or later your faith and spiritual strength will return. I can honestly say that in the last 35 years of my KC I have not always chanted all my rounds but there was never a day when I did not chant some. A lot happens in 35 years so don't fault me for that. Many bigger devotees then me are not around at all.

So keep up your friendship with your devotee friends, pray to Krishna and by the Lords grace we will be Krishna Conscious at the end of life and return back to Home--Back to Godhead!!