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To Let Truth Surface, Confront the Ugly Past

by Madhava das

Posted November 24, 2005

With the rise of the Internet there are many devotee forums, but sometimes when I cannot find the answers I am looking for I like to bring them to the Chakra forum.

As someone who is trying to connect all of the dots to ISKCON's history of the past, present and up to the future, I was wondering if I could make a few comments. It seems that the present child abuse case is being heralded as a great, revolutionary step -- as a religion dealing truthfully with its past. but was it not forced to do so out of sheer necessity? Are we naive enough to think this is the end of this abusive chapter?

Now that the GBC has recognized this issue as a major problem to confront and be truthful with, is it too much to ask that other issues be brought to the surface as well?

For instance, is there any recognized discussion of who was behind the Sulocana murder? What about Chakradhara? Just as the Guru plants the seed of devotion at the time of diksa, when will all of the seeds of Kirtanananda's New Vrindavan come to the surface? In my opinion, then and only then will Srila Prabhupada's house be free to live in. Until then it is a house of repression, fear, deceit, lies and abuse. How can we as members of this house be expected to continue on and live a life of truth and honesty if we cannot get the same out of out so-called leaders?