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Holy Prasadam - Please Don't Waste!

by Bhaktin Sara

Posted November 21, 2005

There is a problem at our local temple, and I wonder if other temples have a solution to this problem that they can share with us. The problem is prasadam being thrown away into the trash. We are supposed to be setting an example for society of the highest standard of living.This not only includes chanting and hearing, but also making good use of the resources Krishna kindly gives us to use in His service. If we are carelessly wasting food each day, what message does that send out?

Srila Prabhupada was very careful about not being wasteful. He also gives numerous quotes about how we should never waste any food grains, what to speak of holy prasadam. He goes so far to say that it is sinful to waste food grains and one who needlessly does so is at risk of suffering a reaction in this life or the next.

Throwing away prasadam hurts also the mood of loving devotion. For devotees to daily waste prasadam is good for neither our own spiritual lives, nor for others for whom we should be setting an example. Understanding these points, how can it not a priority to stop this unncecessary waste?

There are numerous solutions to this problem but the main problem for us is lack of cooperation from everyone involved. The management needs to make sure that less prasadam is made, the dishwahsers need to keep the extra prasadam rather than throw it away, and the community could join in the effort to distribute it.

This is a matter of duty. The extra prasadam comes daily from the temple restaurant and then sometimes from festivals and Sunday Feasts.

Do any other temples have this problem? If so, what solutions can you offer to solve this, and MAINLY how can the little people get management to hear our voices that this problem must be dealt with as a matter of duty?