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Those Who Support Abusers Are Not Vaisnavas

by Gaurav Mittal

Posted May 30, 2006

Those people who condone abuse are uncompassionate and are not vaishnavas. Shakuntala dd wrote in open letter to Dhanurdhar, "You came up in a meeting last year where ISKCON leadership was promising us that you are no longer in good standing, but others said that you did your time, you tried to make amends with the past." In my opinion, those people who supported Dhanurdhar are not vaishnavas either. If such people are accepted as good devotees, then ISKCON can never fight child abuse. Such people need to be declared as non-vaishnava.

As there are still a few leaders in ISKCON who are good devotees, Dhanurdhar will go away eventually. However, I remain concerned about those people who supported him. Such people are very dangerous. ISKCON needs to act on those who supported abuse. One reason because which Iskcon is not acting is because if they act then there will very few leaders left to preach. Am I correct?

Why it is difficult to act? Shakuntala dd knows who supported Dhanurdhar and many other devotees know. You don't need to remove them. You just need to state publically that these people are not devotees. If still foolish people follow them, then it is their fault.

Most frustrating part of my interaction with ISKCON is silence. Leaders don't speak up against wrong doing. They are very eager to criticize others i.e. mayavadis, Mahatma Gandhi etc. But when it comes to criticize or speak up against abusers, they are silent. Also, they discourage independent thinking and followers act blindly. In this way, both leaders and followers remain silent.