Chakra Discussions

Supporting Shakuntala's Plea

by Jaya Kesava das

Posted May 27, 2006

It's sad to hear about another friend dying, losing faith, becoming negative towards the society or leaving due to the pain caused by another leader we are supposed to trust and look up to. We do want to respect our leaders, and we do want to push this movement forward. The only way to do so is if our leaders show that they have heard our cries by doing something about it. The preaching can wait; honestly, it can. Krishna is in charge, and will steer the ISKCON ship to smoother waters when the right time comes. What can't wait is the need to clean up our act and get it right, or at least to focus our energies towards that. Not to say that no one is doing so, but we need to see action, as suggested by Shakuntala dasi, by Kishor Stein and by others.

An ex-leader in our society, whose name I do not wish to disclose, is a perfect example of leadership that I chose to respect because of his "actions" in the past couple of years. He realized his mistakes in Krishna consciousness. Not being able to practice what he preached, he resigned, asked forgiveness and took responsibility. Now, in my eyes, he is on the path to being an example we can all follow.

We pass out millions of literatures every day, hold millions of programs, and, as far as I can see, people aren't flocking to our doors (I'm not saying that preaching isn't effective) to know more about Krsna. And if they do come, sooner or later the ghost of the past comes to visit them. The reason is that we are not ready for them. They are out there; Srila Prabhupada's books have reached them, but we are not ready to take them in. Until we stop using our positions to lord it over others, stop exploiting ourselves and our friends, our mothers and sisters, and most especially our children who have to carry on the movement, Krsna will not send us new members to teach about Him.

We have the best of everything, including the best "dust scrubber," the Holy Name. Now let's act with it. Let's actually clean up Srila Prabhupada's house, practically, starting with realizing that we have done each other wrong somewhere along the way. What is the use of calling out for Krsna every day in our japa meditation if we can't ask Him for forgiveness through the person we have wronged? We have gazillions of examples in the scriptures about people begging for forgiveness from the ones they wronged. If we truly believe in our philosophy and the practical application of it, then maha jana yena gatah sa panthah -- follow in their footsteps.