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GBC Proposal Resolution number 8
Correcting 28 years

by Vivasvan das,
Temple president, Tampa, Florida

Posted March 12, 2005

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Those who don't know me, I was initiated in Boston in 1973 with Niranjana Swami, Adikeshava and Agrani amongst others. I started ISKCON Tampa in 1989 requested by Rtadvaja Swami.

There is a serious need to improve the reputation of the GBC. The pressing issues is the electing, approving, appointing, initiating gurus in ISKCON. From the first batch of eleven elected gurus up to today this system has been the worst nightmare and cause of tragedy in Prabhupada's movement. In a C.C purport it is stated that a spiritual master cannot be elected by votes from a committee. Then why does the GBC continue casting votes to elect spiritual masters when so many of them have crashed and done serious damage to ISKCON? The answer is that the GBC think that by controlling the gurus with law and sanctions, they can control ISKCON. This is a mundane formula exhibiting the lack of trust and faith GBC have for devotees. Prabhupada built up and controlled this giant ISKCON movement by two ways.

  1. His devotion and
  2. Respect.

Devotees surrendered their lives to him because we respected his devotion. Now, every year, devotees have to deal with some GBC appointed gurus fall-from-grace tragedy, and the respect and trust for the GBC goes down, further down.

This system has produced the worst nightmare for ISKCON and for leaders who have to clean up in damage control.

The GBC should end this guru authorizing program as soon as possible, and anybody, whose guru is not present, who wants to accept disciples in Srila Prabhupada's service may do so in cooperation with the local temple authorities. If this was established after Prabhupada's departure, imagine all the problems we could have avoided.

What will happen is this huge GBC inflated spectacle will end, and the test of a guru will be his or her qualities as an uttama adhikari, not the endorsement of the GBC.

Some say there would be many bogus gurus, but I don't think so. When the flowery image of the ISKCON guru is dispelled we see it is the most serious, difficult service in ISKCON. The temple managers should be sharp enough to guide the devotees in their search for initiation.

The GBC can then increase their real business of preaching in every town and village and uniting all vaishnavas for that purpose.

Thank you, Comments?
Vivasvan Das.

PS: A similar situation occurred when Srila Prabhupada stopped sanctioning marriages that were failing in the early 70's.