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Stop Empire-buiding; Do What Is Right

by Author's name withheld by request

Posted June 21, 2006

I have been following the recent controversy over yet another swami abusing children. I'd like to explore a point of view which I don't think anybody has voiced yet.

What happened at New Vrndavana and elsewhere -- the extreme abuse of power and trust -- forces me to ask questions I don't really want to ask:

How can somebody take disksha from Prabhupada, chant for many years, study the shastra for many years, and end up abusing their power like this?

How can somebody who associated with Prabhupada personally so much, who was personally given sannyas by Prabhupada and who was glorified by Prabhupada, end up abusing his power so much? (I'm referring to 'Kirtanananda Swami' in particular.)

How can I have faith that any disciple of Prabhupada is pure? Maybe, deep down, they are all equally fallen? How can I have faith anymore that Prabhupada was a pure devotee?

How can I have faith that Vaisnava shastra has the power to transform people from the modes of darkness and passion to goodness?

How can I have the faith that by chanting Hare Krishna we can overcome all obstacles and become pure devotees?

How can I have faith that the GBC model actually works? William Booth changed his small movement into an autocratic hiearchy, for the reason that the movement was paralysed by useless, endless commitees. Is ISKCON in the same catergory? Maybe the whole management psychology and structure doesn't work.

I don't want to offend anybody, but this is how I am really thinking and feeling right now. My faith in ISKCON is almost finished, and my faith in Prabhupada and Krishna is slipping.

There must be thousands of bhaktas around the world thinking and feeling the same way. For this reason, I beg, grovel and plead with all members of the GBC to pass the zero-tolerance law immediately and unanimously. Stop your selfish empire building and do what will save ISKCON from extinction!

I pray for Guru and Krishna to forgive all my offences.