Chakra Discussions

Who Is Who?

by Lalita Madhava dasi (Alachua)

Posted June 20, 2006

My obeisances and gratitude to everyone who has organized and signed the empowering petition. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and all glories to the hope of restoring the sanctity of his ISKCON institution.

Prithu prabhu, on Signature 278 of the petition, stated that there has been a "consistent call for zero tolerance from a section of the GBC ... but that this section has been marginalized and drowned out by a powerful group of cronies." He further stated that in addition to these two factions there has also been a "large majority of passive bystanders, too intimidated by powerful opinion leaders to speak up."

I want to know who each and every one of these people is and in which group they fall. Who are the respectable Vaisnavas who have been standing up for the right thing all along? We owe them our respect and gratitude and they do not deserve to be lumped in with the others.

But who are the "cronies," the "powerful opinion leaders" who have created this horrible situation? We all have a right to know their names, to know who each and every one of them is. Who are they? They must step down along with Dhanurdhara. And who are the passive bystanders? Though they are perhaps not as complicit in the evil as the "cronies," they also need to step down because they are obviously not competent to do the job.

Who are these people? The entire Society has a right to know. A list of names must be published.