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Cleaning House And Cleaning Hearts - Phase 2

by Chakra readers

Posted June 15, 2006

The following petition can be found at Click Here. It was developed by a group of readers and Chakra has agreed to facilitate the submission of signatures to the GBC. If you agree with its request, please either sign the online version, or print and circulate a hard copy in your local community. Hard copies can be scanned and emailed to If this is not possible, please contact Chakra to discuss other ways of getting it to us. We also recommend that you make hard copies for your own records.

Zero tolerance for child abuse in ISKCON (The Hare Krishnas)

Whereas there has been a history of child abuse in ISKCON schools - especially between 1972 and 1990 - which caused some of our children immeasurable suffering and grief and which ultimated led the movement to the Turley legal case and settlement.

Whereas there is still at least one person in the Position of Guru and Sannyasi who has played a major role in the history of child abuse in ISKCON and who to date has been supported by a section of the Governing body of ISKCON.

Therefore, we the undersigned petition the Governing Body of ISKCON to write the following resolution into ISKCON law: