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The Very Conception of Guru Is Diminished

by Nikunjavasini dasi -Alachua, FL

Posted June 8, 2006

I want to thank Chakra for creating a forum that allows devotees to freely speak their minds and reveal their hearts on crucial issues. There really is no other forum out there to do so and it is a valuable healing tool, as painful and difficult as some of these subjects are to tackle.

Whenever this issue about Dhanurdhara comes back into the spot light, it brings up for me severe pain from the past. I am a parent who entrusted the spiritual and physical welfare of my young (11 year old) son into the care of this demonic person who contributed to the most traumatic experience of my son's life as well as so many other young boys.

All I want is that ISKCON really get it! What happened to the children in Gurukula is a crime and unforgivable. As Srila Prabhupada said, "'If a teacher hits a child he should not just be sent away, he should be hanged! He should be hanged! He should be hanged!' he declared, stabbing his right index finger in the air for emphasis."

So if ISKCON won't remove this man from a "high" position, he will be "virtually hanged" over and over again on the internet. How can we parents and the victims begin to forgive while such a man is still honored and glorified in the ISKCON society? The very conception of Guru is diminished for all.

What is disheartening is that ISKCON, GBC often does not do anything to straighten out things like this until the voices of the devotees reach a deafening volume. Even then, sometimes they still don't act.