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Spiritual Integrity At Any Price

by Dhirasanta dasa

Posted June 5, 2006

When former child abusers and pedophiles remain in positions of power, influence and even guruship with ISKCON, is this because they have undone all the harm that they have done, neutralised so much pain and suffering and bad karma? Regrettably in almost all cases no.

ISKCON desperately needs senior and wise men and women devotees who understand the application of compassion, honesty and truthfulness in their lives and the lives of others and who place spiritual integrity above any other consideration. We the community of devotees need wise preceptors who can help us live and apply values of spiritual wholeness and integrity in our own homes.

Vaisnavas should learn from any source that can help us do this - from Stephen Covey's 7 Habits series, to many Buddhist teachers whose understanding of how to be genuinely compassionate seems so much more advanced than that of many 'devotees'.

Most of all we need Vaisnava counsellors, health practitioners and priests who can share their insight. The leadership of ISKCON needs this wisdom badly. They need to know that their community of devotees will applaud their courage and wisdom and compassion if they cut away from ISKCON un-repentant child abusers, wife beaters, thieves and rascals.

It's an irony that the "karmi" world in many places and many organisations faces these problems better than we do. Eternal silence from our leaders merely diminishes their own integrity.