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Child Abuse In ISKCON, Disciplic Sucession, Etc

by Bhakta Donald McClelland

Posted June 1, 2006

I must admit that now is the time for ISKCON to do more than just give monetary amounts and ask for forgiveness from the devotees they have offended in the gurukulas. Yes it was a great offense to hurt these devotee children of Krsna whether it be emotional, physical, sexually, etc. I too am like the devotee who never took initiation in ISKCON. I still accept Srila Prabhupada as my spiritual master. I first came to ISKCON Potomac around 78 right after Srila Prabhupada had left his body. The zonal acarya system was in place and had taken its full effect yet. The temples then were still full of devotees and morning programs were packed sometimes to room capacity. But I had wondered why another devotees picture and their sitting on vyasana was suppose to be equal to Srila Prabhpada?! I visited the temples on and off during the years. I stopped going all together because of the Palace of Gold situation. Why would I want to be associated with ISKCON, wear dhoti and tilak, etc. in public and be harassed and beat down for no reason of my own?

Now 2006 there are issues of guru this and guru that, child abuse, gurus leaving with large amounts of money-who supposedly were sick,etc...and someone knew about this and covered it up. Congregations getting smaller and smaller. Installation of deities of Ganesh, Shiva, etc. in Srila Prabhpadas temples! I simply want to say that its time for ISKCON to clean house and start over. If ISKCON devotees do not stand up for what is right ISKCON is finished! I know many people will say oh he is not even initiated devotee and hes giving outside advice. Do not let this fool you. It has been a blessing not to have been directly involved in ISKCON as I have not had people influencing my decisions. I am able to look from the outside in and see where all the problems stem from. I just hope its not too late for the tide to turn. To the devotees that are still within ISKCON and are trying to make a positive change hang in there! Krsna has a plan for everything. Just follow His and Srila Prabhpadas words and the truth will materialize soon. We have all trusted Srila Prabhupadas words in the past and when he was physically living why should we doubt them now? Hari Bol.