Chakra Discussions

Prabhupada's Siddhanta Tournament

by Atmavan das

Posted July 27, 2006

As a disciple of Srila Prabhupada dedicating my life to Prabhupada's mission, I have thought of one thing we could all do as a gesture of loyalty to our jagad-guru. Why not organize a grand debate to give new inspiration to the movement that we all participate in as our life's mission?

The purpose of this letter is to begin a discussion about the uncertain predicament for devotees facing apparently contradictory and ambiguous instructions from Srila Prabhupada. Among the multifarious and vast expanse of Prabhupada's instructions, which are the most essential?

All organized religions are born with a virtuous and noble purpose to God and man, but by the polluting effect of time they may diverge to some extent from their goals. We see how, historically, organized religions sometimes become disguised political corporations existing for their own sake at the expense of the suffering of others. ISKCON itself is not remote from such an evil possibility. In order to check such danger, a democratic process of continuous quality control must operate. Philosophical debate is the first step, and is actually of paramount importance.

Therefore, I suggest a formal process to select the three most essential instructions of Srila Prabhupada to substantiate his mission. To outline the most prominent, revolutionary contributions of Srila Prabhupada to present and future generations will go a long ways toward dispelling disunity and creating harmony within ISKCON.

I would offer a prize to the foremost participants, but I have no resources available. Anyway, I invite all Krsna-conscious persons who are able to do so to organize such a tournament and to enhance it by their participation. There is no loss, and everyone will benefit. It will also contribute to standarizing Vaisnava criteria for the welfare of the whole world. After all, ISKCON was founded for the upliftment of human society and was meant to be part of the solution to all challenges that defy the intelligentsia of the world. May providence mercifully allow it to occur.