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Open Letter To Dhanurdhara Disciple

by Marcus Laurence

Posted July 12, 2006

Dear Caitanya Bhagavat;

I was very taken aback by your recent posting in defense of your gurudeva. Although you make some very good points in relation to how the greater-society should view the case/situation, I could`nt help but feel that the entire thing was self-motivated.

For example, in the beginning you state, "How could message boards change my life so drastically?" Perhaps you felt it was a ploy to deny you something you feel you are entitled to?

Next you say that the case is closed as far as "Maharaja" is concerned. Do you feel that true remorse and humility is something that you can turn on and off like a tap? Do you think that the many children that were abused under his "protection" are able to turn off their hurt and past memories like a tap? So it is not closed.

Historically, ISKCON has had to many growth-issues to be able to properly handle cases of this magnitude; from the un-regulated early days of gurukuli introduction, to the destructive nature of the zonal-acharya era, to the beginnings of the CPO. You stated that the case had been handled so much all through the 90s, yet the CPO wasn't officially able to look at the case properly until July 98. And still many aren't very confident of the due process given, even though the data collected was extensive.

There was a Christian preacher that once said that the Root of Sin is selfishness. As we are selfish within ourselves we are laying the foundation of sin (loosely translated, our anarthas).

So to answer your question, "Can uninformed rage be used in Krsna's service?" For the devotee of the Supreme Lord, there is no question of not being informed, (it's all been revealed). As far as the rage, I hope you are not employed as the bodyguard of one who states, "As far as I'm concerned the case is over."

I`ll leave you with a quote from a senior devotee that sums up the situation: ISKCON chose in 1986 to "reform" those involved in the zonal-acharya debacle instead of removing everyone implicated and making a clean start. Consequently, anything that took place prior to 86 remains the responsibility of the present administration." --Rocana dasa 2000