Chakra Discussions

Banish Sidesteppers

by Bhagavati dasi

Posted July 9, 2006

My prayers are with all of the young adults who were children of ISKCON. May they find the peace of mind and inner strength to overcome the past and build successful lives.My hopes and prayers as a mother are that all of our sons and daughters may find success and spiritual happiness in this life.

As for those who think that they are still Gurus, let them reconsider their position in light of our great teacher's words, "Guru means teacher.A teacher is one who teaches by example, not by precept." (Srila Prabhupada, Los Angeles Temple, 1973)

The Dhanurdharas and Bhavanandas -- and all those other ISKCON leaders whose actions will remain forever etched in our children's memories -- should be an example and truly step down from any position as teacher. Sidestepping out of ISKCON while continuing to teach is not stepping down. Those fallen souls who never understood Prabhupada's words anyway should relinquish all of their fancy titles and stop pretending to fulfil responsibilities they made a mockery of.