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Division's Among Devotees

by Athmun

Posted December 28, 2005

I am a 30 year old male from South Africa. I have been involved in Krishna Consiousness for the past 18 years. Recently I have become very concerned about the waning of the quality of devotion in general :

Pls could you draw a variety of comments including the official GBC view on the letter below in light of the important issue of divisions among the devotees. The letter is addressed to Srila Prabhupada because he is the original cause of our (all of us) devotional lifes and hopefully by his mercy causes the devotees to become sustained. We all have a common interest in this one.

Dear Srila Prabhupada.....

You have started ISKCON movement and have caused bhakti to arise in this lowly age.

However now that you have left there isn't much inspiration to continue in the same spirit.

The whole world is grateful that pure souls such as yourself and Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Maharaj have gifted us with the supreme treasure of bhakti yoga. However sometimes, most of us myself included don't have the purity of heart nor are the tanks holding greed and attraction for the material dazzle depleted enough to take to pure Krishna Consciousness, whole heartedly. So we live as hypocrites, fallen stars, neither here nor there, maintaining attachments or cent percent bluffing ourselves that the way we are is the correct position.

Still many strong souls have taken up the challenge and have dedicated their lives in serving your movement or serving in your name directly - where is the fault of one who chants Krishna's name? Truly they are commendable and worshipable. I am not one of them. I am of a typical class of men who acknowledge Krishna Consciousness but still keep a degree of independence. Therefore whatever I say is lessened in value but I must say it nonetheless for your evaluation.

Your Divine Grace, where to from here? You have stated that your disciple's love for you will be shown by their co-operation with each other. Thus your prophetic words have clearly indicated significant divisions in the future. All is known to Krishna and you. Small minds wonder why all these problems are necessary in the first place, therefore I am confused. Not much separates your disciples from their disciples and so forth. I think that this co-operation extends to all followers of Krishna Consciousness and specifically ISKCON.

You were present on this earth as a great man, a great spiritual force. By your influence faith was flamed in the hearts of living entities. For some this greatness is not sufficiently perceivable in your disciples therefore the whole process is questionable. Many parties have been created due to differences of opinion. Whom is to say who is right and who is wrong? If you were present all differences would be resolved. Now that you are gone what solution is there?

Some say Rtvik some say many acharyas. What is your opinion? If you wanted rtvik then cause all acharyas to fall if you wanted acharyas then cause the rtviks to fall. Both swear allegiance to you. Of course you have untainted vision and may see some validity among the acharyas and some validity among the rtviks so how to progress beyond this?

Better both systems endure? Better one ends and the other continues?

Why not the choice of rtvik for those who want and the choice of acharya for those who want - all under the ISKCON banner. Certainly you have said sometimes acharya and sometimes rtvik. So why not co-operation as you desired - atleast for now only or atleast in the attempt to fulfil your desire ignoring the final outcome? Will the present acharya now say no other besides acharya and will rtvik now say no other besides rtvik? Why not give the choice to your future members of ISKCON? Certainly all those who live now will pass on but the future souls inherit the legacy.

The materially engaged public are the biggest losers in this conflict. Conflict causes lack of devotion. Lack of devotion fails to attract the conditioned soul. Empty temples, uninspired devotees, disillusioned departers.