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On Wasting Prasadam

by Jashoda dulal das, ISKCON Hawaii

Posted December 10, 2005

Here in Honolulu we have a very ambitious college restaurant operating at the University of Hawaii Monday through Friday. As a result a lot of left-over prasadam is generated. To manage the prasadam I go on Food For Life distribution three days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The homeless in Honolulu give a very warm reception to our leftovers. I take great care to see that the food is not spoiled and that it is properly heated. Granted, reheating anything, especially rice, may not be palatable from the material standpoint, from the spiritual standpoint we are helping to nourish very desperate people. The devotee who used to do this service had a reputation of using rotten leftovers, and this eventually led to his termination. But if we use care the homeless are very happy. You should see the smiles on their faces (after all it is high-class restaurant prasadam).

Any left-over food generated on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is distributed on Monday. (I keep the leftovers in our walk-in fridge) Any left-over food generated on Monday and Tuesday is distributed on Wednesday. And any left-over food generated on Wednesday and Thursday is distributed on Friday. In this way all the bases are covered. I mix together different sabjis and different rices, and the result is a very colorful presentation.

If we're going to really stop prasadam wasting we'll need every temple to have local cows. That's the Vedic method.

I would like to take this opportunity to let the devotees know we have space in our ashram here in ISKCON Hawaii for enthusiastic devotees dedicated to the ideals of pure Krishna Consciousness. If you are interested in coming to Hawaii to serve their most merciful Lordships Srila Prabhupada-Srila Bhaktisiddhanta / Sri Panca-Tattva / Sri Jaggannatha-Sri Baladeva-Srimati Subhadradevi, please contact me at What better way is there to escape the brutal U.S. winter weather? :-) I look forward to hearing from you.