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Cooperation Preferable To Catcalling

by Suresh das

Posted April 27, 2006

In regard to "Book Distribution One-Ninth of 1976 level":

Today my wife and I were shopping in Artesia, California (Little India), when we heard the sounds of kartals and mridanga coming down the street. There we witnessed devotees in dhotis and saris distributing Srila Prabhupada's books and chanting the Holy Names. We gave a donation and then discovered the devotees were not from the local ISKCON temple, but from Narayan Maharaj's Temple in Venice, California.

Maybe more Bhaktivedanta Book Trust books could be distributed if all the Vaisnavas worked together and stopped all the bickering and fighting amongst each other. All this fighting and bickering is really embarrassing to me, and makes me ashamed to be a part of or associated with ISKCON, what to speak of personally distributing Prabhupada's books anymore.