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Regarding Kratu Prabhu

by Krishna Kripa Dasa

Posted October 21, 2007

What I know, is that H.G. Kratu Prabhu took first initiation from Srila Prabhupada, but the ceremony as well his chanting beads were handed by Kirtanananda Swami, second he took for KS. I am not seeing anything wrong in his claims that he is Prabhupada´s disciple, because he actually is.

In Iskcon harinam (1st initiation) is regarded more important that gayatri diksha (2nd initiation) while in the Gaudya Math is the contrary.

Those who were initiated till Govardhana puja 1977, are considered Prabhupada´s disciple, after 14 november 1977, are disciples of Srila Prabhupada´s disciples.

GBC passed a resolution that authorised devotees who received harinam from Prabhupada, that they can start initiating whith the permission of the gayatri guru (those who gave them 2nd initiation).

Matsya Avatara Prabhu from Italy has 1st by Prabhupada and 2nd by Bhagavan and he is guru.

Vedavyasa Priya Swami has 1st by Prabhupada and 2nd by Kirtanananda, he is also guru.

Krishna Dasa Swami, never took initiation by Prabhupada, but he met him personally and Prabhupada said that there is no need for him to be initiated, because he was already initiated by a bonafide vaisnava guru.

Now we few devotees who are not Prabhupada disciples and are initiating:

Kadamba Kanana Swami, Maha Vishnu Goswami (gujerati), Bhakti Vigyan Goswami and Chandra Mukha Swami.

What we need are more and more gurus, those who follow Srila Prabhupada, doesnt matter if they were initiated by him, or if they ever saw him or spoke to him.