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Vrndavan Hospice Intake Facility

by Yadunandana Pada dasa

Posted November 23, 2005

We are engaged again in the service of Krsna Kumari, Vishaka Priya, and Baladeva Prabhus in Vrndavan, by yielding to their advice and suggestions, in order to acknowledge their selfless sacrifice in the dedicated care and transition of Kusha Krata Prabhu. I recently received a CD ROM from Krsna Kumari complete with an extraordinarily organized system of receipts (without computers/by hand), with photos and comprehensive legal documents, put together by the three of them. This, more than ever, illustrated to me the enormous and emotional endeavor that this service entails, and the blood, sweat and tears needed to see a transition through. I am in unimaginable awe and admiration once again upon receiving and examining this disk, and more than ever I feel committed to their service that they, or others like them, may continue these valuable Sevas. Among our new objectives is a temporary virtual 'Intake Office', which is now officially in operation to facilitate, educate, and prepare anyone who is planning on going to Vrndavan for final transition through the Temporary Hospice.

By simply inquiring through our virtual office, we hope to provide you, or your family, with the kind advice and experience that has been accumulated and shared with us through the Vrndavan Transition experience in the last few years. Sometime back, Krsna Kumari sent us an elaborate list of resources and mandates needed to begin the 'Immigration-through-transition' processes, including legalities and procedures necessary (both governmental and medical) in order to make the patient's arrival and stay in India, all the way through their transition, a seamless, fluid and healthy experience. Without some of these resources in place, the journey could possibly develop into a nightmare that no dying person should have to endure. We will also be building a small web page on to host this list and the resources involved, and 'where' to get them. Please send questions, intake or admission requests, or general comments to

If you wish to volunteer to help, as a virtual counselor for the dissemination of these data, please contact us. We would like to have virtual satellites of this office on various continents and time zones.

Additionally, we are now shopping and pricing for one (1) through three (3) adjustable crank-up (Manual and Electric) hospital patient-beds which we were not able to procure for Kusha Krata Prabhu's transition, but which will be much needed in the near future for comfort, feeding, and in some cases the draining of respiratory systems. This is approximately a $650USD item without railings or feeding tables, which will remain in much use for decades, and we request your kind donations for these exclusive purchases. The donation fund will match your contributions for these items dollar for dollar. Please help us realize these two goals.