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Kusakratha Prabhu's Books?

by Bhakta Eric

Posted November 22, 2005

It's been so wonderful reading all of the recent Kusakratha prabhu nectar. We are so fortunate to be blessed with someone like this. I never had the great fortune to meet him, but have always been interested in his books. All of the nectar that I've read contains so much about his translating and distributing work, yet his greatest legacy, his books, seem to have fallen off the map.

Are they out of print? Hard to find? Sitting in a warehouse somewhere without a distributor? It seems like such a shame that his life's work and endevours suddenly seem so unvailable.

Perhaps there are devotees who would be interested in parting with their own copies. Or perhaps there could be a network of sorts so that his books can again be distributed.

I have the means and am willing to help in any way that I can.