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Irresponsible Posting

by Gour Hari das

Posted May 26, 2006

The open letter to Dhanurdhara Swami was most disturbing. I did not know Ananda but I am truly devastated and so sorry that this young man committed suicide. I pray that his family and friends will find relief from their pain and suffering.

I am the father of children that also were abused and know many other boys that experienced not only physical abuse but also emotional and even more horrible, sexual abuses. I do understand some of the feelings that were expressed in the letter, but in reality, you never really know how one experiences and processes these events.

Having said this, I think that it is not only irresponsible but dangerous for your website to publish such a letter condemning and blaming this bum Dhanurdhara for Ananda's suicide. You have no idea what other factors played out in his life? Should we consider other events in his life? His time in the service during the Gulf War? Yes the physical abuse that he suffered was a part of it, but why blame his suicide on someone else?