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Where Is Dhanurdhara Swami's Letter?

by Vrindavan das

Posted May 25, 2006

Where is Dhanurdhara Swami's letter in reply to the posts on Chakra? Why aren't the other ISKCON abusers and molesters called to task? Somehow they get glorified and are made gurus by the other GBCs, who just don't seem to care.

What happened to para dukha dukhi and devotees having soft hearts? I don't see that in the ISKCON elite. Don't people understand why a lot of us gurukulis feel the hatred for this movement that we do?

Yeah, "Chant Hare Krishna and everything will be all right. Chanting brings on bliss even when you get abused or molested." That's what they say. "It's all our karma." That's an easy way to slough it all off.

Ananda took the bullet himself because he wouldn't direct it elsewhere. Lucky Dhanurdhara, but an unlucky Ananda.

Ananda means bliss. Yes, Ananda might have had a blissful life if he hadn't been beaten mercilessly by the advanced sannyasi, Dhanurdhara swami. But he did, so he killed himself to remove the pain. The advanced devotees may say "it's his karma".

I don't think so.

Vrindavan das