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Caution With Fire

by Abhay Caran Das

Posted May 19, 2008

On behalf of all Vaisnava missions here in North America, I would like to pray for a speedy recovery of Rohini Devi Dasi after this terrible accident.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated occurrence as it has happened on a number of occasions, and in once case a female disciple of Srila Prabhupada did in fact leave her body from such an accident.

In fact this happens with such frequency that the (formerly website has published a article warning of this danger since 2003.

I would strongly recommend that all devotees heed the warning of the above said article, and to wear cotton or silk saris only (especially when cooking or on the altar ) as they are safer than the synthetic kind which simply turns into a ball of flaming liquid once it is ignited.

As devotees, we are all in contact with fire so many times in one day, whether it is in this kitchen to cook or even just standing inside the temple when the ghee lamp comes around. Many times I have seen a wall-to-wall packed temple room, when the ghee lamp comes around it gets precariously close to devotees, especially if they are dancing or jumping about.

Unfortunately, due to our many contacts with fire, we may tend to become very casual about it. We all need to exercise the utmost caution, and it would be in the interest of all devotees, for temples to review the number and accessibility of fire-extinguishers located in the temple room.

Aspiring servant to all the vaisnavas,
Abhay Caran Das
WVA secretary - Nth America.