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My Dilemma

by Name Withheld

Posted March 30, 2006

My inquiry is this. I have recently become Krishna Conscious. I have been studying and reading and associating with others as much as I can, and have quickly become quite devoted to Krishna. I would like to continue further on this path, but here is my dilemma. I have been married 22 years, have teenage children, almost out of the house. So to speak, my householder duties are coming to an end, I think that is why I had been searching for answers. But now, my husband is not Krishna Conscious. I have tried to share with him, asked him to read things, tried to explain, he will have none of it. He says I have changed, and he doesn't like it. In reality my focus has changed, and it effects him because Krishna is my main focus, and not him. My husband is so full of material wants, needs, and desires and has no desire to break the stranglehold maya has on him. So now he tells me he is going to find someone else to pay attention to him. Now I do pay attention to him, just not in material "physical" ways, as his life focus is not like mine. So is it better to stay married and deny my faith, or will I suffer bad karma for letting the marriage dissolve and wanting to serve Krishna? I know, that sounds funny, but that is what my decision is. I remember Srila Prabhupada say in one chapter of The Krsna Book that if a woman is married it is better for her to stay married, but frankly, I have no desire to pair up with anyone else. My main objective is to serve and advance in Krishna Consciousness.

So I know this is long, but I wanted to make clear my inquiry, and any articles or suggestions for reading would be so much appreciated. I am searching for an answer, I know Krishna will show me the right path to take.

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