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Kirtanananda Status

by Malati Devi dasi

Posted March 16, 2008

There seems to be confusion about the status of Kirtanananda das in ISKCON these days. Please refer to the following.

In 1996, before Kirtanananda's retrial was completed, he pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering (mail fraud). He was sentenced to 20 years in prison but was released on June 16, 2004. [18] Click Here.

On September 10, 2000, the ISKCON Child Protection Office concluded a 17-month investigation and determined that Kirtanananda had molested two boys. He was prohibited from visiting any ISKCON properties for five years and offered conditions for reinstatement within ISKCON: [19] Click Here

(1) He must contribute at least $10,000 to an organization dedicated to serving Vaishnava youth, such as Children of Krishna, the Association for the Protection of Vaishnava Children, or a gurukula approved by the APVC.

(2) He must write apology letters to all the victims described in this letter. In these letters he must fully acknowledge his transgressions of child abuse, and he must take full responsibility for those actions. Also, he must express appropriate remorse, and offer to make amends to the victims. These letters should be sent to the APVC, not directly to the victims.

(3) He must undergo a psychological evaluation by a mental health professional pre-approved by the APVC, and he must comply with recommendations for ongoing therapy described in the evaluation report and by the APVC.

(4) Kirtanananda Das must fully comply with all governmental investigations into misconduct on his part.

Kirtanananda never satisfied any of these conditions. [20] Click Here

Thus, he is not welcomed or allowed to visit or stay in any ISKCON centers world wide. Even if he ever completed the above, he would never be allowed to give class, lead a kirtan, or occupy any prominent position. As a convicted sexual child abuser under the CPO, he is not recognized as a guru in ISKCON for the remainder of this life.