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The Daanurdhara Scandal

by Syama das

Posted March 5, 2007

In response the posting by Hare Krsna dasi entitled, The Danurdhara Scandal: "What Decisive Actions Were Taken?" the answer is that no action was taken and none is likely to be taken.

The Svami pretends that he has resigned from ISKCON in order to avoid the heat of scrutiny. But ask the devotees in Tel-Aviv, Israel and they will be shocked to hear this. The wife of the temple president there and other fanatic disciples regularly invite Dhanurdara Svami and organize preaching programs for him. On his last visit he gave daily lectures and for the Sabbath Festival (Sunday Feast) the temple was closed and everyone invited to the President's home for a program in honor of the Svami. Photos of the Svami are pinned on the temple bulletin board and there is active recruiting done on his behalf.

How many more ISKCON facilities are being used in this way by the disgraced svami is unknown, but it shows that whatever spin the GBC may put on the issue is far from reflecting the reality. The svami has no intention to stop exploiting ISKCON for disciples and money regardless of how scandalized devotees may feel about it. But then, is he the only one fleecing Srila Prabhupada's institution for personal fame, money, disciples and living the good life traveling here and there being treated like God's ambassador?