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Dhanurdhar Swami, Please Stay In ISKCON

by Author's name withheld

Posted June 28, 2006

I have been following with interest the bringing to light of the 'old boys club' dynamic i.e. Dhanudhara Swami being protected by his 'well-wishers.'

There is an incident I am aware of that illustrates another side of this dynamic. In 2003 (2004?) Pancha-pandava das, a white-bodied elderly brahmacari in-charge of Vrndavana gurukula was removed from his position for questionable dealings with the local boys. He had no supporters in the upper echelon of ISKCON and was removed immediately. I doubt most of ISKCON even knew of the incident. A great contrast from the Dhanurdar Swami case.

More than once I have known temple presidents, who were either child abusers or common thugs, remaining in their position due to support from the local GBC. In one case, a temple president who had used armed gangs against other devotees was removed, only to be made temple president in another city! The GBC who authorised this was my guru. What should I think? I am glad to say both Arjuna and Bali Maharaja provide examples to follow in this situation.

I humbly beg Dhanurdar Swami to remain in ISKCON. We need you to stay and face your punishment like a man of integrity and set a good example for others. Krsna is punishment ("Among all means of suppressing lawlessness I am punishment, and of those who seek victory I am morality. Bg. 10.38) or did you forget? And the solution is not as radical as you have made out to be in your 'Letter to the Devotees.' You don't have to leave. Just be a 'normal,' 'rank and file' devotee rejecting any fame and distinction, as befits your qualification. This would be an extremely light punishment in the 'karmi' world. Is it really so hard to do? What is the difficulty?