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Uncompromising Reform/nonetheless Corrupt

by Mark Laurence

Posted June 16, 2006

In response to the many wonderful articles of compassion, determination, and sheer outcry about the events concerning the untimely leaving of Ananda prabhu may I humbly add a couple words. I can`t help but feel that Ananda prabhu lived and fought a very full-life.

Our fight for freedom in this material world can and will injure us from time to time,and it is not un-common for us to want to give up. In many ways I am courting maya everyday, but in the many articles I have read about Ananda prabhu, this does not seem the case for him, but rather that he fought from strength to strength. Does it not also seem that his "end" has sparked a new beginning in the hearts and minds of all of the 2nd generation that is serious about real change? It seems he was a great inspiration to many!

I wanted to add so many thoughts on the politics of the "power structure", the GBC, initiating gurus etc, but what I found in the end was that it could not have been said better then the letter submitted by Dhirtarastra das entitled "Abusers and those who support Them"

In Dhirtarastra`s statement: "Unless ISKCON takes a strong position very soon it is going to get worse." is so true because what is happening is the congregations are getting stronger spiritually and less tolerant of the current situation, while the "management", i.e.GBC, is getting weaker and weaker, all leading to an explosive situation.

The comparisons of ISKCON and the Catholic are of great concern as well, albeit it the Catholic church has powers and money and a bit of gusto behind it as a "organization." The main difference being that most North American temples have been teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, mostly due to a "settlement" which appears unable to bring about the justice deserved. And the actions seen since then seem to indicate that no real lessons have been learned.

Nonetheless corrupt; recently there was an article in the Sunday Times (London) entitled: Church of the Flunkey bolsters Mugabe`s (Pres.ofZimbabawe) Grip." It was the story about a Bishop Kunonga, who is ordaining government officials with no theological training. (sound familiar?) When one sermon turned into such a eulogy of Mugabe that choristers started drowning it out, they were sacked.(fired) Quoted as saying that the elections are "Gods Will". Up to 30 priest have fled the country to get away from the tyranny.

The power of big Hindu laxmi seems to be keeping a "old regime" at the helm and no matter how much money is thrown at them it seems there is never enough to put the situation right. Rather it is re-inforcing the old patterns. Who could have forseen that it was the children that had to be put at the forefront of this "power struggle."

Yet, the main question remains, can their be a price put on the lives of the children of the 1st generation? And to bring it up to date, can their be a price on the integrity of the second generation? Can we afford to be blind and deaf any longer?

May the supreme Lord be with Ananda`s family at this time. Marcus Laurence Channel Islands, UK