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Some Words for My Childhood Friend Ananda

by Brajadevi

Posted June 1, 2006

First of all I would like to offer my condolences to the family and friends of Ananda. I grew up with him in Gurukula in Dallas and I can remember his face quite vividly. It so unbearable to lose yet another of the original gurukula children. I am always so surprised to read the letters of ISKCON devotees defending the people who were cruel to us.

I was born in the movement and named by Srila Prabhupada. In fact I was the second child to be born into the movement. I have witnessed many incidences of Devotees being kicked out of the temple for something as small as disagreeing with a temple president. However, when these so-called devotees perform heinous crimes against innocent children who according to Srila Prabhupada were born into the movement for the purpose of assisting Lord Chaitanya in his mission, somehow there is confusion about how these offenders should be treated.

Anyone who could rape or beat young innocent Vaishanva's is obviously a demon. For me and for many others there is no confusion on this issue. The children of ISKCON were the hope of the future. The saviors of the age who would facilitate the dawning of the golden age.

Is any of this familiar ground to you? Therefore to actively and willful damage these gifts from Krsna is the most heinous of offences. It is said that Krsna will tolerate offences against Himself. But when an offence is given to his devotee, He will never tolerate it. So my question to all of you learned Pundits is how can you tolerate this injustice? Why are you not doing everything in your power to repair and heal the abomination that has occurred in the holy land to the hope of the future? Do you have no compassion? Where is the love?

Srila Prabhupada said that ISKCON will be destroyed from within by demons who want to destroy Lord Chaitanya's Mission. Is it not obvious to you that anyone who defends and protects this evil aparad is assisting the work of these demons?

Humility is the basis for action for a Vaisnava. Why do you not get on your collective knees and beg the forgiveness of Krsna's most beloved and chosen before it is too late and you burn in the fires of hell for your sins? By harboring offenders, ISKCON is actively participating in Vaisnava Aparada. Until you receive the forgiveness of Krsna's devotees you will never progress in your spiritual development what to speak of attain Vaikunta.

Your hearts seem to be made of stone. How do you not weep for the pain you have caused? How can you go on with your lives knowing that you carry the burden of this guilt? You have damaged and in many cases destroyed your most precious and valuable asset. You all share in the responsibility by standing by and doing nothing to protect us both then and now. Isn't time to try to purify your evil hearts?

Why do you not grieve for us? Why do you continue to defend the people who have killed our souls? Please, please look into your consciences and try to see that justice is done. Don't let any more us die unloved and un-mourned.

Good-bye my sweet Ananda. I can still see your face in my minds eye. I send my love to you where ever you are. May your sorrows finally be put to rest. May you find the peace and love you could never attain while still in this body which has been polluted by evil men who took the guise of devotees.