Chakra Discussions


by Priya McManus

Posted July 14, 2006

Hello, I am writing in response to the numerous articles posted on this website about my brother's death. I think it is very interesting how instead of reading of memories of a brother I sadly barely knew, I am reading everyone else's story. I saw one headline about how "we let him down", and guess what? You are right, you did. Most of his friends knew that my brother Ron and I existed, but even after his death no effort was made to contact us, and while he was alive, no effort was made to help him. My brother had a lot of issues, and he would flit in and out of my life, cause problems and leave. As much as this hurt, I would try to find him and no one would know where he was. Even though I tried every few years, all of his old "gurukula friends" had no idea how to locate him, but would be quick to tell me what a loser my brother was. They provided no support system. So while all of you are using his death as a soapbox, please remember that he did have a family that cared about him and show a little respect. If any of his friends would like to contact me, please write to, who will provide you with my email address.