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by Niscala dasi

Posted July 5, 2006

Chaitanya Bhagavat writes that in relation to his guru Dhanurdhara Swami, nothing has changed since 2000, with one exception:

"the only thing that has happened since then is that certain people who are clearly unfamiliar with the actual case file have begun to post on message boards, demanding Dhanurdhara Swami leave ISKCON."

How could he have so totally overlooked the fact that since that time, one of Dhanurdhara's victims has just put a gun to his head???

How could this not result in "charged emotion" except in those who are bereft of any humanity? Yet he seems to consider this out of place in our vaisnava community. He writes "Can uninformed rage be used in Krsna's service ?" What uninformed rage is he talking about? The articles have been flowing in from eye witnesses to Dhanurdhara's atrocities, and the shocking facts have not been disputed. The only dispute has been in relation to the GBC's allowing this child abuser to represent the movement; most writers have felt it thoroughly inappropriate. If they have expressed themselves in an angry way, that is their right and duty as vaisnavas. It is the attitude they are behooved to adopt whenever the principles of ungodliness infiltrate our society. Silence would be complicit with the crime; as the Mahabharata lesson showed when Draupadi was disrobed and the members of the assembly did nothing. That sort of submission we can do without.

Chaitanya Bhagavat does not want a "faceless" internet writer to respond to his concerns about his guru, but rather the GBC men who authorized his initiation. I can understand that. However, I don't like his chances because my own personal experience with the GBC is that they don't like to answer difficult questions and so-well- they just don't answer them. They ignore them totally, or they start making ad homenim attacks on the questioner. So as to put a face on myself, I invite Chaitanya Bhagavat to contact me at the address below and I am more than happy to supply info about myself and details of the experience. Considering that the GBC will probably not answer him, I would like to see if the following makes sense to him.

The story of Brghu Muni's encounter with the purusha avataras instructs us that it is a minor offense to be rude and not reciprocate affectionate words (what Brghu did to Lord Shiva); a worse offense is verbal abuse (what Brghu did to Lord Brahma); the worst offense of all is physical abuse (what he did to Lord Vishnu). Dhanurdhara Swami has physically abused and tortured helpless vaisnavas with devastating results; consequently he has not gotten the forgiveness of these great souls. As the story of Durvasa Muni and Ambarisha Maharaja instructs, there is no way to appease Lord Vishnu without appeasing the vaisnavas one has offended. So just as the Chakra of Lord Vishnu long ago descended on Durvasa for his offenses, so the internet Chakra of today is doing so, because Krsna sometimes acts personally to set things right, or He sometimes acts through His devotees.

This is mercy not only on the offended but on the offender as well. Krsna's so called chastisement and his embrace are equally auspicious. Thus in answer to the question:

CB: "Can Maharaja still chant Hare Krsna with the mercy of Lord Caitanya?"

Dhanurdhara Swami is in the best position to receive Lord Chaitanya's full blessing. He is bereft of all institutional support, all the honour and glory, all the prestige, politics, and perks. What has seemed a curse is actually a blessing and vice versa. Lord Dina Bhandhu is the property of he who has lost all-- but the Lord Himself. In fact, when the Lord is really merciful, He -as Lord Hari- takes away everything, and the devotee is forced to surrender fully at His lotus feet. Can Maharaja still chant Hare Krsna with the mercy of Lord Caitanya? Undoubtedly, as never before...