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Shyamasundar Prabhu Update

by Malati devi dasi

Posted January 10, 2008

Dear Devotees: My grateful obeisance's to one and all, particularly those good saintly souls who responded to my e-mail last August. As many may now know, HG Shyamasundar Prabhu underwent a liver transplant via the "living-donor" route. In this type of operation, the donor is a healthy compatible person who donates 60% of their liver to the other. In each instance, the pieces of liver regenerate to full size, the only organ in the human body which is able to do so. It is a fairly recent procedure, as operations go, but has been greatly successful and by-passes the long wait for some one else to die before one, gbc receives an organ. Thirty five devotees from around the world came forward, but it turned out that the "perfect match" came from a very selfless individual, H G Gopinath Prabhu, living in New Vrindaban (which is quite close to Chicago where Shyamasundar was staying with his daughter Sarasvati during this ordeal). After the initial eleven hour simultaneous surgery, there were some complications, falling in the "to-be-expected" realm, prompting two further surgical procedures, and a whole lot of pain. However, as you can read below, all is now wonderfully well and has been given the "go-ahead" by his doctors to resume an active life.

It is now a cherished desire to see a book of Srila Prabhupada memories coming from Shyamasundar prabhu! Hare Krishna! yr servant, malati dasi

Dear Malati--

The October living-donor liver transplant surgery was a complete success and my energy has reached near-normal levels in very short time! The ecstasy of observing Krishna's magic hand in all of this has turned an otherwise very painful experience into a time of great jubilation. My gratitude knows no bounds.

I am especially thankful to Radhanath Swami and to your good self for saving my life for service to Prabhupad. And to Gopinath, who lives within me now, and whose cheerful personal sacrifice was a wonder to behold: the truest expression of love between devotees. And to all of my godbrothers and godsisters who prayed for me during my darkest hours--to all of you my most sincere and profound thanks!

Your eternal servant, Shyamasundar das