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Another View On the Situation in Germany

by name withheld

Posted February 20, 2008

It is very clear to me that from the perspective of the articles on the plight of devotees in Germany that they have been written till now for Smt. Narahari Dasi Mataji and Smt. Nandimukhi Matji. The picture appears that the "local authorities" have used their Power to throw them out of the temple, leaving them with literally nothing. As a regular visitor to the Temple, I can say that neither of the accusations are fully correct and do also great injustice to the Temple authoritys which tried log to come to a reasonable agreement with them.

As for the fact that they have been asked to leave the Temple, I can say that the local Temple authorities have tried their very best to come to an agreement and peace with Narahari Mataji and Nandimukhi Mataji about their service attitude and behaviour towards the authorities and the devotees living on Sri Simhachalam.

Smt. Narahari Mataji and her sister live right now in the nearby Village Jandelsbrunn in a newly acquired house and property which seem to have been acquired a few months before the ISKCON Germany authorities have asked them to leave the temple. They where already moving out of the Temple long before the GBC had given their decision about the Causa.

Also there have been several meetings with them (ishtaghostis and also local GBC meetings) before, which started around two years ago on the topic of Narahari Matajis and Nandimukhi Matajis service attitude and their repeated reluctance to accept any authority above them, which, as we know, not possible to work in any society like a temple or a company.

Also in their attempts to discredit the local authorities by writing letters to their Spiritual Master to remove the Temple authoritys, which happened around a year ago.

We also must see that the German Yatra has underwent many hardships for many Years so did the temples and the situations is not easy to manage for anyone there.

Several times they have been given very fair chances to introspect their service and improve their relationship with the community and their attitude towards their authorities, which they always said they will do, but after some time the same pattern of quarrel and hatred broke through. And as a result, quarrels and not very nice "arguments" occurred on the temple ground which caused much disturbance in the temple and also in the local community.

As a closing word, I personally find the statement in the letter by Kula-pavana Prabhu a bit too harsh.

He says: "We ask devotees reading this letter to please pray to Lord Narasimhadeva to protect His dedicated servants. Ultimately He is the real authority and His wrath is terrible."

Of course they served the Lord for many years and we are very grateful to them, but there are always two faces of a coin, if Im not mistaken. And firstly we should introspect our own behaviour if we maybe brought the "wrath" or correction of Lord Narasimha upon us.