Chakra Discussions

An Example Worth Following

by Dhruva Maharaja dasa

Posted February 17, 2006

On Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati's appearance day, 1996, Gour Govinda Maharaja attended Srila Prabhupada's mangal-arati at his samadhi in Mayapur early in the morning, then Radha-Madhava's mangal-arati in the main temple, chanted his rounds, attended Guru-puja and class, honored prasadam, then attended GBC meetings all day long.

That same evening he sat with two of Srila Prabhupada's disciples who had requested he discuss some intimate Krsna lila from his forthcoming book, The Embankment of Separation. Maharaja began telling them an uncommon story about how Krsna fainted one day in Dvaraka while remembering His childhood pastimes in Vrndavana.

Seeing Him lying unconscious on the palace floor, Balarama, Uddhava, Narada Muni, and Subhadra ultimately made arrangements for Daruka to drive Krsna to Vrndavana in His chariot after Narada Muni played Vraja bhajans on his vina. Hearing the nectar of Narada's song, Krsna awoke and was placed on the chariot.

Balarama and Subhadra traveled ahead of Krsna in their chariots, just as they do during Ratha-yatra, but upon entering Vraja and seeing the Vraja- vasis feelings of separation, both entered into such deepened states of ecstasy that they couldn't proceed any further.

Meanwhile, Srimati Radharani was lying unconscious, as if dead, in Nidhu- vana kunja Word spread throughout Vraja that Srimati was leaving Her body, so everyone ran to the kunja to be with Her. First, Her husband Abhimanyu arrived before Her, took dust from Her feet, and praised Her by explaining that their marriage was only contrived to please Krsna; by the mystic potency of Yogamaya it wasn't a real marriage at all. Then his sister, Kutila, came forward and spoke her heartfelt words.

Finally Candravali appeared with her friends and praised Radharani's love for Krsna. As she finished speaking, Krsna chariot arrived at that very spot. Feeling intense separation from Radha, Krsna's eyes dialated. His arms and legs shrunk into His body, like those of a tortise, and He fell to ground unconscious like a log of wood as He exited His chariot.

A soft Yamuna breeze passed over Krsna's body and entered Srimati Radharani's nostrils, carrying His aroma. Upon smelling the sweet scent of Krsna, Radha came back to consciousness and saw Him lying before Her. She then requested Lalita to help Krsna.

As Lalita began singing Radha's name into Krsna ear, He also awoke and saw Radha before Him; eye to eye union after such a long separation. At this point in his narration, Gour Govinda Maharaja choked up, and apologized for not being able to continue. He lied back on his bed, and his servant brought him a photo of his childhood village deities. Moments later, he left his body!

I don't know about you, but hearing about such an exalted passing away inspired me. Imagine Maharaja's inner vision of Radha and Krsna finally meeting after so many years. Reading the story from Maharaja's book, The Embankment of Separation further inspired me, because I was able to hear the finer details of the story, which are over flowing with rasa.

Fianlly, reading these lilas for Sadhusanga's Audio Books gave me even deeper appreciation because I had to actually study the story in depth. To commemorate Gour Govinda Maharaja's disappearance, and further inspire others to hear from his book, we are offering the download of our recording Three Logs of Wood for only $1 until the end of February, 2006.

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