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Open Letter About the German Farm

by Kula-pavana dasa

Posted February 13, 2008

Dear Vaishnavas,

I have been asked to write an open letter regarding the recent treatment of two long time servants of Lord Narasimhadeva in Germany (Simhachalam - formerly: Nava Jiyada Nrsimha Ksetra) by the local ISKCON authorities. These devotees feel like they have no other recourse but to appeal to the conscience of all ISKCON Vaishnavas, and they asked me to write this open letter on their behalf.

Narahari mataji was serving in that temple for 27 years, she was recently told by the local authorities (GBC for Germany) to leave Simhacalam and was forbidden to take shelter of any other temples in Germany. She can not even come for a darsan of Lord Nrsmhadeva, Whom she has served for so many years. The reasons for this decision are unclear to Narahari, as well as to other devotees who are helplessly watching this situation to unfold. Narahari mataji recently experienced some personal difficulties related to her failed marriage, and her behavior has not been entirely blameless. Still, after 27 years of dedicated service, one would expect to see some compassion and support from the local temple authorities, not a flat out rejection and removal from the temple. Recently, Narahari mataji's sister, Nandimukhi mataji (18 years service for Nrsmhadeva), was also thrown out of the temple and banned from visiting other temples in Germany.

Several attempts to contact GBC representatives and influential devotees were made by various concerned devotees, all to no apparent avail. Not even a basic response to questions raised was received from ISKCON authorities.

Narahari mataji is a 56 years old Indian lady, divorced, in foreign land, and without any resources. She and her sister gave the best years of their life to serving Lord Narasimha in ISKCON, now they are both facing a very uncertain future. The only person who actually helps them is their brother who lives in England. Our hope is that this letter will inspire persons responsible for Narahari and Nandimukhi matajis removal from Simhacalam to reconsider their decision.

Our movement has lost so many valuable and dedicated devotees by the often callous decisions of ISKCON managers. Why should anyone sacrifice the best years of their life serving in ISKCON if at any moment they can be thrown out of the temple for some trivial reason, or on a whim of a local leader? How often have we seen these things to happen in our temples? Much too often.

We ask devotees reading this letter to please pray to Lord Narasimhadeva to protect His dedicated servants. Ultimately He is the real authority and His wrath is terrible. We are all just His servants.

In service to Vaishnavas
Kula-pavana dasa