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In Memory Of Chandi Prabhu

by James Yadu Ordonez

Posted February 10, 2006

Hare Krsna Prabhus,

Chandi Prabhu's family has shared with me his life's story to publish on the various networks in his memory:

Candi Das (Roberto Lavin) born June 11, 1947 . His day of passage was January 30 th, 2006.

As a young boy he sang in a Catholic Church choir. As a teenager from the age of 16 to 24 he was in a musical band, played rock & roll in Mexico City. The Prasadam attracted him to Krishna Consciousness when soon after he joined the movement in 1972. Srila Prabhupada gave him 1st initiation in 1974. Srila Prabhupada gave his second initiation to him in 1975. As a brahmacarihe distributed books and cooked for the devotees. In the late 1970's to the early 1980's he started his own little vegetarian cafes.

In 1984 he decided to move his family to Dallas, Texas. He was the main cook for the temple kitchen for the next three years. At times he personally cooked for Tamal Krishna Goswami who would often asked him to cook "tamales for Tamal." Also cooked food for life program in Dallas.

He moved his family to Los Angeles, CA. in late 1987. He briefly cooked in Govinda's Restaurant at the LA temple. In his home he worshipped Gour Nitaideities, chanted Japa, and had Nama hatta congregations. He read the Vedic scriptures almost on a daily basis (his favorite was Caitanya Caritamrita).

In the mid 90's he went to cook at the Laguna Beach Temple for about 1 year. When he arrived sales of Prasadam were approximately 30 to 40 plates per day. When he started cooking sales rose to 150 to 200 plates a day.

Throughout his years in Los Angeles he painted houses to support his family and at times he painted for the temple. Some of the places he painted where devotee's apartments, the Pujari room and so forth at a reasonable price. He always kept in mind that these jobs were also a service to the devotees.

His latter years he overcame health problems such as heart attack, diabetes, open heart surgery, broken nose, thyroids & some kidney problems. These health issues contributed to future risk concerns.

Over his last 2 months, he became more concerned with his spiritual life and decided to better his health, so he started chanting and walking to the Park, which was about 1 mile from his home. He was walking 2 or 3 times a day while chanting his Japa. One cold morning while walking, he apparently had a light sweater on and became ill. At first he thought it was just a cold. He became more ill, could not eat, was vomiting and finally decided to check in at a hospital. When he arrived they ran some tests, after that they told us that he had gotten pneumonia. A day later, they said his kidney was not functioning and would not make it through the night. However, by Krishna's mercy the kidney started functioning and he started to feel better but was still in intensive care. Five days later, the infection in his blood had put too much stress on his heart and gave him heart attack midday . Approximately at 6:00 pm his daughter Dhanvantari dasa brought to the hospital the Goura Nitai deities that he had worshiped most of his life. It's as if he was waiting for Goura Nitai to arrive and take him under their care. Fighting through it, he finally succumbed to a 2nd heart attack around 6:30 pm and passed away by 7:00 pm.

He is survived by his wife Ojasvini DD (Aurora Lavin), his son Nimai PanditaD ( Nimai Lavin), daughters Dhanvantari DD (Dhanvantari Lavin) & Goura PurnimaDD ( Goura P. Lavin ) as well as granddaughter Mohini Lakshmi Priya DD(Mohini L.P. Lavin).