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Memories of Lila

by Jahnavi (UK)

Posted February 5, 2008

Like everyone else that heard about the tragic events leading to Lila's current situation Click Here, I was simultaneously shocked, horrified, and filled with sadness. It's hard enough to imagine that such a thing can happen, let alone happen in Vrindavan. So far away from India, and not knowing Lila very well, I feel cushioned against the immense grief and pain that her family and close friends must be feeling. I have never known such pain, and I feel unable to offer adequate words of comfort. All I can offer, is my sincere prayer that Lord Krishna, who is known as Kripamoya, the most merciful, will take Lila by the hand and be with her eternally in her continuing journey.

I had only just met Lila this October in Vrindavan. I knew who she was, as she was a friend of many of my friends and I was introduced to her during my time there. During the bustle of Kartik time, I didn't get to know her, but I do have one wonderful memory that stayed with me long after I had left India. It was late in the afternoon of Govardhan Puja, and I was looking for someone around the Krsna Balarama temple, when I came across Lila and some of my other friends. They were going back to Lila's apartment, but were stopping through the book stall opposite Prabhupada's samadhi, as Lila wanted to distribute some books. I was so impressed and inspired to see her, books in hand, walking around the temple and offering guests the books she had bought. She was opening them, and showing the pictures of Krishna inside, and telling a little bit about the books in fluent Hindi. Surprisingly, many guests were very reluctant to take a free book, but she persisted, asking everyone that walked past. I thought of her doing this often, when I was trying to do some book distribution during the December marathon. I am grateful that I got to witness her sweetness and compassion - I will never forget it.

My dear Lord Krishna, please protect Lila and her family. You are known as 'Braja-jana-bhaya-hari', one who removes all fear of the inhabitants of Vraja. You alone can remove the fear and suffering of us all and help us to return to your lotus feet. You are known as 'Rupa manohara', one whose form is very enchanting. Please bless Lila to fix her mind upon that form, the colour of a fresh rain cloud, and please give us all the benediction to similarly fix our minds upon you.

Jahnavi (UK)