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Poem for Lila, Subhangi And Family

by Sarva

Posted February 5, 2008

I have only met Lila a few times
I can only pray for her eternal well-being
and for that of all the young people I know
as that is what comes up for me
as well as just hoping I can do something
to support her family when they come back to Oz

Even though I don't know you well, Lila
like many others, you were on our mind all night
the waves of sorrow reverberate around the world
as your friends put out their grief and shock

we conceptually "know" the temporary nature of these bodies
but seeing as we indulge in so many materialistic pursuits
let's not be so "advanced" that we deny authentic feelings
for a young innocent girl's suffering
not leaping up suddenly to some sober platform
where we are equal to happiness and distress
because I for one am not there yet

For now, I want to love the devotees
and value them and hate to see them suffer
My love reaches across "not knowing you well"
to wish you, young and sweet girl, the shade of Krishna's lotus feet
and to send something from my heart to your mum's heart
something I can't describe but I hope it finds its way there.

Your servant,