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Picture Of Kusakratha Prabhu Needed

by Madhusudani Radha devi dasi

Posted December 24, 2005

We recently received the following request from Dhina Sharana Prabhu:

"As one of the last devotees to manage Kusakratha's Krishna Institute, I'm putting up a Memorial Library website, dedicated to he and his devotional translation service.

Needing a picture of him for the site I searched on Chakra for one I thought I had seen, maybe not. Couldn't find it. I'd greatly appreciate getting any pictures Chakra might of put up recently. Thank you prabhu's! It's said Lord Caitanya would seem to have five mouths while glorifying His devotees. Hopefully we can attempt to please Him by this effort. "

We'd love to help, but unfortunately, no one submitted a photo of Kusakaratha prabhu to us with their letters, so we need your help. If anyone has a photo to share, please submit it to and we'll make sure it gets to Dhina Sharana prabhu. He has promised to let us know as soon as the Memorial Library website is ready. It will include free downloads of most of Kusakratha prabhu's translations. We'll post the URL on Chakra.