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Not Really a Suggestion, But . . .

by Bhakta Raj Prabhu das

Posted December 19, 2006

Please accept my humble obeisances and well-wishes. I'm a 63-year old devotee/part aging-hippy, and I guess some of the "60ish" things are still ingrained in my delivery! The only "suggestion" I might have is to just "keep on keeping on" with this wonderful website; devotees absolutely are in need of a forum where ideas may be exchanged without fear of "being misunderstood" (translation: offending another devotee).

Krishna! That's been one of the issues that's plagued our movement almost from its inception . . . everybody was afraid to offend everybody! And, of course, the higher up the food-chain one went - the more we vaishnavas who dilligently applied ourselves to whatever task we performed at whatever level we performed it had to be "on our P's 'n Q's" lest we commit some unintended "offense". I pray that as we grow in spiritual development and maturity that such" tip-toeing on broken shards of glass" will start to give way to honest dialogues among the fine and dedicated human beings that we all are, and we may bare our souls to each other so-to-speak without fear of reprisal.

Anyway, my inquiry was regarding the following article that I'd read by Niscala Devi dasi:

Law Book 1. Truth is the issue, an analysis of the GBC lawbook

Try as I did, I couldn't find the 2nd chapter of this article, and perhaps someone can point me in the right direction; that would be well-appreciated.

As for what's currently happening in ISKCON today . . . I honestly don't know what the outcome will be. I've got longtime friends on every side of every conceivable issue there is, and I fully-respect the views of all my brother and sister vaishnavas. What am I? a ritvik - not a ritvik - a "soft" ritvik - a GBC'er - a non-GBC'er but not a ritvik . . . and yatta-datta-datta . . .

I like to think that I'm Raj Prabhu (call me "Raj", and skip all the flowery add-ons), decent guy, grateful that by The Lord's grace I was able to overcome my intoxication problem (hard drugs mostly) in 1988, and trying one day at a time to please God in thought, word, and deed. I remember something one of my godbrothers told me back in the early 70's at the old Henry Street Temple: "Prabhu", he said, "I'm so busy with the correction of my own faults, that I don't have the time to look at anyone else's." If we put those words of wisdom into practical application in our daily lives, then I think that ISKCON will start to become less of a battleground and more of what Srila Prabhupada had intended it to be.

Roger "Raj" Leonard
(Bhakta Raj Prabhu das)

"The 'best' religion is the religion that
teaches one to love God."