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Madhava Versus Madhava

by Madhava dasa (Guernsey,UK)

Posted December 9, 2005

In Response to the post: Windshield and the RearView Mirror

Dearest Madhava Gosh prabhu:

I am sorry that your friend mistook you for the writing of my post.It seems that you have wanted to tell your friend that it was`nt you in a very public way,thus i am forced to defend my original post in a very public way.

Firstly,let me apologize you any innocent members of the current New Vrindavan community for any offenses.My original post was to to address the current leaders on the public acknowledgement of certain events so that we can all feel that the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth can come out.Until that is done,we are all just passing on the lies of the society to the next generation.

When i first came to Iskcon i was taught that one should approach a spiritual master and offer service and inquire submissively.But never was i taught that one should only inquire about only limited subjects.

Just because a certain case has been on public record for 20 years only means that a bunch of dusty old files are decaying in a filing cabinet not that the society as a whole has dealt with them.As far as your comment on the children,there is no evidence that any of the people involved had any real love for the children,so i don`t see how a letter of real concern is going to affect that any different.Lastly,you say that you prefer to deal with the issues that are going on now and potential problems of the future.Well,i am sorry to tell you that these are the issues of the present and left unresolved will be the problems of the future.Part of my personal realizations in life has brought me to the understanding that we cannot live in a bubble and be force-fed a pre-packaged form of the absolute truth especially if the "leaders" that try to feed it are questionable themselves.One must only hear the truth from one who lives in truth!!