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Apology To Yadunandana Pada Prabhu

by Badrinarayan dasa

Posted December 3, 2005

At our Mayapur GBC meetings this year, I made a comment about Yadunandana Pada prabhu that was both unfair and incorrect. Prahladananda Maharaja was presenting Yadunandana prabhu's proposal for health care of the devotees. When I was asked about Yadunandana prabhu's steadiness in devotional service I replied "Well, when I was the president of our San Diego temple, he did leave with another man's wife".

Although I believed my statement to be true when I made it, Yadunandana prabhu has kindly corrected my memory. The actual situation is that the lady in question had been divorced from her former husband for some time and she and Yadunandana prabhu had gotten legally married.

Since the Mayapur meetings, I have been working with Yadunandana prabhu on ideas about health care for the devotees. I have found him to be an intelligent person with a deep concern for ISKCON and the care of the devotees. The picture my Mayapur comment painted is untrue and unkind. If any of you have avoided his Buddhi Yoga Society (a cooperative for health care of the devotees) simply based on my incorrect statement about his character, please delete this in your consideration of his plan.

I apologize to Yadunandana pada prabhu for unjustly maligning his character and I apologize to you for making an incorrect and callous statement before you.

I take this event as Krishna chastising me for my sharp tongue. I promise that I will endeavor to be more careful and considerate in the future.